Kasley Killam
Healthcare community engagement manager at Verily.
Cofounder and director of the Mental Health Hackathon.
Scientific American contributor. Psychology nerd.
Empathy enthusiast.
Kasley Killam is an innovator taking on the challenge of transforming healthcare, mental health, and human connection. To that end, she is passionate about leveraging technology and social relationships to improve our individual and collective health and emotional well-being.

Kasley is lucky to spend her days at Verily, where she implements engagement strategies to connect and inspire study participants, product users, and the general public. She spends her nights collaborating on building a movement to bring fresh thinking to the domain of mental health, having previously co-built a healthcare entrepreneurship program at Harvard Medical School and studied global mental health at Columbia University. On the weekends, Kasley writes articles for publications like Scientific American, tries not to die while leading a women's skateboarding club as the Chief Badass Officer, and schemes ways to promote empathy and make the world kinder. She also enjoys overcoming her fear of playing guitar and singing in public, and letting her niece and nephews swing from her like she's a tree.
In the past, Kasley fed her insatiable curiosity and passion by consulting in the healthcare tech space, mentoring startups at MIT Hacking Medicine, creating a digital compassion campaign and mobile app, serving on the board of the Canadian Positive Psychology Association, and conducting research at the University of Pennsylvania, Queen's University, and Harvard University. She is still excited about having been invited to the White House, being named a Hive Global Leader, receiving an award from Stanford University, and meeting the Dalai Lama (he sneezed on her) (no joke).

Born and raised in beautiful Vancouver, Kasley has been mostly nomadic for ten years, living in seven cities and spending time in many more, until she fell in love with San Francisco and decided to stay a while. Ask her about the year she lived in the south of France as a teenager, her experience as a method actress, how skilled she is with a sword, that time she meditated in a Buddhist monastery in Nepal for a month, or why she handed out fifty balloons to random strangers.
I wouldn't change a thing about her.
- Kasley's mom
I love Kasley more than a stranger. I love her more than anything, and I love her voice. I like her so much more than anything.
- Her niece (at age 4)
- Kasley's BFF
Not a very good skateboarder.
- You, probably
- The Dalai Lama
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