I love sharing actionable insights with audiences ranging from intimate gatherings of ten to large corporate events of 3,000+ as a keynote, panelist, or featured guest on news, podcasts, and other media. I also have experience on camera and as a facilitator, instructor, and emcee.
I'll work with you to tailor
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• Social health: a framework for thinking about your social relationships and well-being
• Research on the prevalence and health outcomes of loneliness, and solutions moving forward
• How we can design and use technology and social media to help, not hinder, meaningful human connection
Past Audiences
Kind Words
"Kasley is a recurring speaker at Google's internal mental health awareness conference and is one of the highlights of the event. With an emphasis around social support and building community connections, Kasley's talks are thought-provoking and immediately call for action. Energetic, empathetic, personable—not many speakers can light up a room while confronting difficult topics."
Ruslan Osipov
Lead Organizer, Google Mental Health Conference
"Kasley's very insightful and thought-provoking talk on the loneliness epidemic came at a critical time during the COVID-19 pandemic. As clinicians, we are taught to focus on the visible, physical aspects of the patient. Kasley gave us not only a crash-course in loneliness and compassion, but also the necessary tools to help support our patients and our communities. She inspired us to be better clinicians. This should be required curriculum in every nursing, pharmacy, and medical school!"
Luba Sobolevsky
Executive Director, Immunoglobulin National Society
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