Kasley Killam is passionate about transforming people’s health, well-being, and social relationships. To that end, she  is committed to turning psychology research into real-world application and leveraging technology to benefit humanity in creative ways. Currently she consults for various healthcare organizations and startups and is co-founding a mental health hackathon.

In the past, Kasley pitched a campaign to promote compassion through research-based games on taxi touch-screens worldwide, which won her an award at Stanford and the opportunity to meet the Dalai Lama. (He sneezed on her. No joke.) Out of the initiative grew a mobile app to help people deepen their relationships, using knowledge she gained while doing research at the University of Pennsylvania and serving on the board of the Canadian Positive Psychology Association.

Along the way, Kasley realized she was woefully under-prepared for actualizing her grandiose ambitions. She therefore immersed herself in entrepreneurship, design thinking, and other useful skills while co-developing a healthcare innovation program at Harvard Medical School. Kasley is particularly dedicated to harnessing what she learned to disrupt mental health care, having conducted clinical interviews for nearly two years and trained in global mental health strategies at Columbia. Meanwhile, to appease her enthusiasm for bridging the social science community with the general public, she writes for Scientific American and other publications.

Kasley likes solving problems and creating through a multifaceted perspective, drawing from a range of experiences like studying method acting in Paris and meditating in a Buddhist monastery in Nepal. She’s obsessed with empathy and human connection, to the point of researching it in a lab at Harvard and blogging about doing acts of kindness every day for four months. During that time, she may or may not have persuaded her friends to help her hand out helium balloons and compliments to strangers on the streets of downtown Toronto.

In her spare time, Kasley enjoys overcoming her fear of playing guitar and singing in public, letting her niece and nephews climb and swing from her like she’s a tree, and trying not to die while skateboarding. Born in Vancouver, she has been mostly nomadic for the past ten years, living in seven cities and spending time in many more. Someday when she’s really old and has accomplished what she thinks she’s on earth to do, Kasley will settle down on a cobblestone street somewhere and open up a flower shop.


“I wouldn’t change a thing about her.” -Kasley’s mom

“Obnoxious.” -her BFF

“I love Kasley more than a stranger. I love her more than anything, and I love her voice. I like her so much more than anything.” -Kasley’s niece (at age 4)

“Not a very good skateboarder.” -you, probably

“Achoo!” -Dalai Lama